The gospel should be both

simple and !

Are you tired of feeling:

What if, instead you felt:

Gospel living can be natural, simple, and fun!

#1: Powerful Basics

First, I help you get back to the basics of the gospel that make scripture study, prayer, and other daily gospel practices powerful without being overwhelming.

#2: Personal Fulfillment

Second, we take our gospel "to do" list and learn how to create daily gospel habits that truly FULFILL us, not deplete us.

#3: Spirit-Led Tiny Goals

Last of all, I help you make spirit-led, self-motivating, and TINY goals based on the things you have learned and felt.

Hey, friend! I'm Kristen.

I've been teaching the gospel to youth and adults for over 15 years as a former seminary teacher, EFY teacher, BYU Education week speaker, and creator of the One Minute Scripture Study podcast.

In all my teaching I've discovered a few things:

I've felt the exact same things-- which is why I made it my mission to discover how to make daily gospel living as simple, powerful, and joyful as possible.

Praise for Kristen's teaching:

One Minute Scripture Study Podcast Listener
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I feel uplifted and motivated to be better everyday I listen to this podcast!! Kristen’s insights into the scriptures are so good.. she has a gift to teach/ share her insights in a simple way!! This is my FIRST listen everyday!!!
Allison Barnett
One Minute Scripture Study Podcast Listener
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Kristen has such great insights in her scripture study minute and really gave me things to think about that I hadn’t thought of before. They are perfectly timed for me as a busy mom who sometimes just has a couple minutes to spare between activities.
Emily Jones
Emily JonesFamily Tech University
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Kristen teaches with imagery, with unmatched conviction, and with a sense of fun, enthusiasm, and hope that is irresistible . . .
Monica Packer
Monica Packer
About Progress
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You’d think that a scripture study podcast would be all buttoned up. But Kristen lets her light shine through, is funny, instructive, and someone I want to listen to every day. Well done!!!


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