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Start here if you feel lost in the scriptures

Scripture Study, Come Follow Me

Get free PDFs that explain the scriptures in plain English

Kid and teen scripture study guides

Teaches your kids both what’s in the scriptures and how to study on their own.

A YouTube channel for anyone who feels lost in the scriptures

Do your Come Follow Me study in just minutes a day!

One minute Come Follow Me daily devotionals

Dive into the scriptures in just one minute a day!

General Conference podcast

Perfect for Conference study groups and Relief Society teachers! Discuss the most recent talks and get teaching tips!

Hey, friend! I'm Kristen.

I’m a best-selling author, former EFY teacher, BYU Education Week speaker and overall scripture nerd. 


When I’m not reading the scriptures I’m usually eating peanut butter.


I’m so glad you’re here. Let’s dive into the scriptures together!