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Daily Come Follow Me for your family with less whining and without adding to your busy schedule.

Say goodbye to the mom guilt

Scripture study just became flexible and simple enough for even the busiest days.

The Pause & Connect Plan

How to spiritually connect with your family in just one minute a day.

Buy the book

Get a copy of One Minute Scripture Study in the New Testament availble on Amazon.

Pause for Jesus

Choose a time each day to #pauseforJesus. Put away distractions; push out the world  (even for just a minute) to let Jesus in!

Read and connect

Read an entry together (or on your own) and discuss.


Use this time to connect with each other and with God!

One Minute Scripture Study is recommended by moms like you!

5 Star Reviews

You can create powerful spiritual memories on the go.

Study the scriptures in one minute a day

Study General Conference on the go

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