Love it or hate it, we alllll end up doing extra shopping around the holidays. 


Some people are just impossible to shop for: you’ve got a picky brother-in-law, a friend who has everything, or a kid who can’t make up their mind about what they want. 


I’m here to help friend. 


I combed through the last five years of my Amazon purchases to find the things that our family has truly loved. . . like, LOOOOOVED. 


Every single item on this list has been purchased and used by our family and comes highly recommended by me!

Games for the Whole Family


Our family adores Exit: The Game. We’ve done at least five of them this year and I’m planning to get more for Christmas. 


If you want the experience of solving an escape room as a family (or for a group date night!) without the $100 price tag, this game is for you!


I was introduced to this game by my podcast co-host Cali Black and to say my family loves it would be an understatement. 


We literally go pirate-mode every time we play. We talk like pirates and “argh” like pirates the whole time. It is a fun game that requires strategy and favors the bold!


I might have to get a new Trash Pandas game because we have just about worn ours out!


This is a game every member of the family loves and it is perfect because it’s easy for littles but fun for adults. Love, love, love this game!


You know how sometimes your kid wants to play a game but your brain is mush? 


That happens to me all the time. Enter Rat a Tat Cat– the perfect game for when you have no brain space left for anything else. It’s fast, easy, and super fun. I grab this game often even when there are no kids around!


I mean, who doesn’t love a game that has to do with adorable donuts? 


We have actually gifted this game to friends and family because we love it so much. Collect as many delicious (and valuable) donuts as you can before the other players do!


I think this might be my favorite game find of the past five years. It’s like Clue but for younger kids. 


My 9-year-old daughter loves playing this and so do I. You work cooperatively with the other players (hooray for no fights!) to find the fox who stole the pie. It’s adorable, engaging, and fun for the whole family!

Gifts for Grown Ups


I think this is my husband’s favorite gift I’ve ever given him. It’s super practical, but helps him stave off his migraines. 


I used to spend a lot of time massaging his temples when headaches would come on, but this ice pack gives just enough pressure around his head (and provides cooling relief too) that my little fingers have been saved a lot of extra work this year!


Highly recommend for the headache-prone person in your life!


Something to keep your friend warm AND that makes her laugh? 


Yes, please!


I seriously hope someone gets me this gangsta wrapper sweatshirt this year — I love it!


I got a Halloween shirt from this shop (run by a dear friend!) a couple of years ago and the quality and comfort is great!


This gift has been the surprise hit of my husband’s Christmas last year. When he opened it he was a bit confused, but this screaming goat has become his new best friend. 


With the press of a button the goat gives out a hearty (and hilarious) scream– and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard the screaming goat while my husband has been on Zoom calls!


It’s a silly and fun gift that you probably didn’t know you needed!


The perfect gift for grandparents!


Last year my husband and I teamed up with our siblings to gift this frame to both sets of parents and they love it!


Using an app on our phones we can upload pictures directly to their frames so that new pictures pop up regularly. 


Everyone needs a good set of slippers (at least those of us who live where it’s cold) and these ones are great!


My husband gifts me a pair every year and I love them. They have great traction and are so fuzzy and comfortable!


Magnetic bookmarks, where have you been all my life? 


I bought this set to use in a day planner but ended up buying more because I wanted to use them in all the books I’m reading. 


These would be great to use in cookbooks too!


While watching a Hallmark movie last year I noticed that the star was wearing adorable silk pajamas. 


Wanting to be just as stylish at night, but not wanting to fork out a bunch of money, I grabbed this set on Amazon and absolutely love it. 


The short sleeves are a must for me because I overheat at night, but they make long sleeve versions as well!


I know purses are the typical thing for a lady to use, but sometimes you just need a good backpack!


I have been using this backpack for about three years and it has stood the test of time! I have taken it on airplanes, to conferences, used it as a daily purse and there are literally no signs of wear yet. 


Air popped popcorn in the microwave? Yes please!


This little gadget is fabulous! It flattens out for easy storage, fits easily in the dishwasher, and provides me with perfectly air popped popcorn without having to plug in a big machine. 


If you’re like me and you need every last bit of light blocked out before you can sleep . . . this mask is for you. 


This mask is so soft and comfortable and it seriously blocks out allllll the light. 


I once slept until 11:00 wearing this thing, it’s that good!


If you have a mystery fan in your life I absolutely ADORE this culinary mystery series by Josi Kilpack. 


It is 100% clean (no profanity, no blasphemy, no sex, no gory violence) and there are THIRTEEN books in the series. 


I have read and listened to every single book in the series multiple times. This series will keep the book lovers in your life happy for a very long time!


If you’re like me and you need every last bit of light blocked out before you can sleep . . . this mask is for you. 


This mask is so soft and comfortable and it seriously blocks out allllll the light. 


I once slept until 11:00 wearing this thing, it’s that good!

Gifts for Kids


I know, a brush? 


But hear me out! 


I have a daughter whose long, straight hair tangles like nothing I’ve ever seen. Every morning when I would brush her hair for school she would cry because it hurt so much. 


Enter this brush and guess what? No more tears! Literally. It’s called the Magic Brush and it is! This would be a perfect stocking stuffer!


I’ve got a teenager who literally says every year, “I don’t want anything for Christmas.” 


It’s very noble of him but also so annoying. I NEVER know what to buy for him. 


Last year I got him this Perplexus ball and it has been a hit with the whole family. We each love taking our turn to see how far along the maze we can get. 


This little magic set is so cute and perfect for beginning magicians. 


My daughter loves to do magic tricks but often lacks the finesse to hide what she’s actually doing. 


This set is perfect for smaller hands and lets your kid feel like a true magician!


I get rid of everything in my home. 


Literally, my kids hate it but I give away their toys as soon as they stop playing with them. 


These stacking robots though? Nope! I’m keeping them for life. 


This is the cutest, quality activity that everyone in the family will love. It’s a test of physics and I’m holding onto it for my future grandchildren!


I bought these last year in the hopes that it would help cut down on my daughter’s insane paper usage. 


She loves to doodle and I thought this LCD tablet might help– and it has!


We are saving trees left and right with this thing! And my kids love to bring it in the church bag to keep their hands busy during sacrament meeting. It’s only about $10 and has been more than worth the money!


There are some things I’m just upset didn’t exist when I was a kid. These magnet tiles are one of them. 


Literally every member of our family has happily played with these. Even though they’re geared for younger kids my tween and teen still love to use them. 


Can I bear my testimony to you real quick? 


When it comes to things with wheels it’s worth spending some extra money. 


I have bought my kids cheapo bikes and scooters in the past but you know what? They’re just not that good. They’re clunky, heavy, and often my kids don’t have much fun on them. 


This year we got this Micro Maxi scooter and– no joke– my totally sedentary child has used it at least weekly (even in the winter) if not daily (in the summer). 

It is SUCH a high quality scooter that the kids all fight over it. No one wants to use the store brand ones anymore!


I have to admit that I kind of hate The Night Before Christmas. 


It’s just so long and I’ve heard it a million times. But I wanted a copy in my library anyway so I grabbed this version and, holy smokes, I LOVE it!


The art is absolutely fabulous! There are funny things to find on every single page– this book has quickly become everyone’s favorite to read at Christmas time!


This is so embarrassing, but when my daughter was about 4 years old I literally went to therapy for help with parenting her!


She is absolutely WONDERFUL but at that age she required lots and lots of attention. I was at my wits end and went to therapy for some alone time. 


These Aquabeads were literally prescribed to me by my therapist to keep my daughter’s 4-year-old hands busy. And they worked! They require lots of focus which kept my daughter happily engaged for 30 minutes at a time. Just what the doctor ordered!

Gifts for Ministering Sisters


Want to bless your friend with a year of scripture study done for her? 


This book will do that!


365+ days of scripture study that applies to real life, has engaging stories, and happens in one minute. 


Best ministering sister gift ever! 


I recently discovered Salt & Hart and I LOVE their weekly scripture card sets. 


I firmly believe in spiritual osmosis and love that with these cards on my dining room table, my kids are partaking in the scriptures even while they eat their cereal. 

Love this so much!


Have a friend who is always making to-do lists? 


I LOVE this upgraded to-do list from Rad and Happy that gives you a spot to write out your daily schedules, things you need to do, and extra notes. 


This is genius and so cute!


You can never go wrong with a gift of Kate Lee art!


Kate’s style really goes perfectly in any home and is SO good for any budget. You can buy her 5×7 art for around $2 and throw it in a $5 Walmart frame or go for a bigger piece to fill a wall. 


Either way this art is beautiful, meaningful, and perfect to give to friends!


Do you have teenagers who no longer listen to you? 


Same, friend. And this little spiral-bound book has been KEY in teaching my teens basic life lessons without having to say a word. I just leave it on our dining room table and flip through to a new manner each week. 


The kids read it while eating their morning cereal and occasionally we’ll discuss it– all without nagging or fighting!


This prayer journal has changed my LIFE!


No more do I say monotonous prayers or fall asleep during prayers or bore myself during prayers. Nope– I’m actually connecting with God when I pray now and it is wonderful!


This journal has become my record of my own thoughts, my personal revelations, and a gratitude journal. It is amazing and you can get 10% off with the coupon code KRISTENS10


(PS- They sell damaged journals for a steal if you don’t care about it looking perfect!