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2024 Book of Mormon Study Tools I'm Using!

Wide Margin Spiral Bound Scriptures

I’ve been using this for the past few months and LOOOOOVE it!

Wide margins PLUS spiral binding? My scripture marking dreams have come true!


PS- This thing is GINORMOUS! 

A storyline-focused organization of the Book of Mormon text

Please just buy this one!


Seriously, it has TOTALLY changed the scriptures and made them SO much easier to read, follow the storyline and keep track of who’s talking.


My teens love it and so do I!

1828 Webster's Dictionary App

We all know Webster’s Dictionary is basically part of the canonized scripture, yes??

And to understand the Book of Mormon most accurately I LOVE using the 1828 version that reflects the language as Joseph Smith spoke it!

Study guides for my kids and teens

I literally created these FOR my kids. 


I could NOT find a daily study guide that would 1) tell the storyline 2) get them in the scriptures and 3) teach them how to study on their own. 


So I went ahead and made it myself!!

Markers for wide margin scriptures

WARNING: These will NOT work on your regular scriptures. 


But if you have scriptures that are printed on regular (not thin) paper these are GOLDEN. 


I’ve had them for about six months and they are high quality!

Fun shaped sticky notes

If you’re a post-it note nerd like me you will LOVE these!


They stick well and have plenty of room to write notes on. Looove them!