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I believe Come Follow Me should be simple and rewarding

Personal and family scripture study might feel like a total drag, but they don’t have to. 

Together, let’s make scripture study the spiritual highlight of your day.

Family Scripture Study

I know why you dread family scripture study

Busy Schedules

It feels impossible to gather everyone together.  There doesn’t seem to be a single time of the day where the whole family is together.

Boring Storylines

You honestly find the scriptures boring, and so do your kids.  It doesn’t exactly read like Harry Potter, so it’s hard to feel motivated to read it.  Snooze fest!

Buried Inspirational Nuggets

You’ve heard Elder Holland share scripture stories and felt TOTALLY inspired . . . but when you read the scriptures by yourself you just can’t seem to find those inspirational nuggets.  You don’t know where to go to find them and where they’re hiding!

I have the solution, friend!

One minute scripture study sessions

Quality scripture study doesn’t have to take forever.  In fact, it can happen in just one minute a day.  And pretty much EVERY family has at least that much time together!

Engaging stories

Sure, it’s not Harry Potter, but David and Goliath?  Moses and the Red Sea?  The scriptures are packed with amazing stories that will engage even the most surly teenagers.

Inspirational nuggets pointed out for you

The scriptures are packed with inspirational nuggets of wisdom but they’re usually hard to find. 


Not any more.  I’ve spent a decade searching the scriptures and finding these nuggets and I’m sharing them with you!

I understand because I've been there!

Even though I’ve taught the gospel professionally as an EFY teacher, BYU Education Week speaker, and seminary teacher I was failing in my own home. 



Every night when it came time for scripture study my kids would moan and groan.  We ALL hated it.  



No one was really learning, the scriptures were just too hard for them to “get”, and I didn’t have free time to plan nightly scripture lessons that would inspire my kids.



I felt like a failure.  I was inspiring teenagers and women all over the world by helping them dive into the scriptures, but my own kids hated family scripture study.



I knew something had to change.

That time God spoke to me in the driveline

Then one day I was sitting in driveline, waiting for my kids to get out of elementary school. 


I was taking a rare moment for myself to listen to a scripture study podcast that was about 45 minutes long. 


As I listened I thought, “Man this would be so great for teenagers, but they’d never listen to something that was 45 minutes.”


I swear to you the heavens opened in that moment and a choir of heavenly angels sang as a thought came into my head, “But they’ll listen to something that’s one minute.”

Start Here Study is changing the scripture study game!

As I sat in my car the idea for the One Minute Scripture Study podcast came into my mind as a perfectly wrapped package. 


I knew just what to do and got to work. 


Now nearly two years and two million downloads later families all over the world (including mine) are having scripture study that is:

But over time I realized that I wanted to do even MORE! 



I wanted to offer people a way to learn to do this kind of study on their own. . . which is why I’ve started offering Start Here Study: a YouTube channel for anyone who feels lost in the scriptures AND a series of study guides for kids and teens!

Get scripture smart in minutes a day!

Come Follow Me YouTube Channel

Kids and teens study guides

Daily scripture devotional book