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How Well Do You Know Your Book of Mormon?

Do You Know Your Book of Mormon?


Take this quiz to find out!

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1) In what year did Moroni bury the gold plates?

(For a hint read Moroni 10 chapter heading)

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2) Which rebellious Nephite became a Lamanite king?

(For a hint read Alma 47:35)

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3) What was the first group (by year) in the Book of Mormon that came to the Americas?

(For a hint read Mosiah 8:8-10)

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4) Which people did the sealed portion of the Book of Mormon come from?

(For a hint read Ether 4:4-5)

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5) Why did the converted Lamanites have to move to the land of Jershon?

(For a hint read Alma 27:2-5)

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6) When the Nephites discovered the Mulekites they found that the Mulekites had lost their language and their knowledge of God. Why was this?

(For a hint read Omni 1:17)

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7) After the first few generations, the Nephites in the land of Nephi began becoming wicked. Mosiah led the righteous Nephites north to which land?

(For a hint read Omni 1:12-13. Note that when it says "down" it means in elevation, not south.)

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8) The last king to survive the Jaredite destruction was. . .

(For a hint read Ether 15:30)

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9) What great destruction did the Jaredites escape before they traveled to the promised land?

(For a hint read Ether 1 chapter heading)

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10) When the prophet Mormon was a child his father took him from the area near the Hill Cumorah toward Zarahemla. What direction did they travel to get there?

(For a hint read Mormon 1:6)

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The average score is 58%


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