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Come Follow Me Insights

Come Follow Me Insights This Week: December 27

This Week's Reading: Moses 1; Abraham 1

Come Follow Me Insight #1

Come Follow Me Insights January 17, 2022

Why does your study of the Old Testament begin with a vision that Moses had? Shouldn’t it start with the creation of the world? The Pearl of Great Price is actually the main source of information we have on the premortal existence– where we all were before we came to this earth. This is a critical piece of the story of the Old Testament that is missing from the Bible. No Pearl of Great Price?  No premortal world information!

Come Follow Me Insight #2

So what do we learn about our premortal existence from these scriptures? Here are just a few of the things we learn from Moses’ and Abraham’s visions that you won’t find in the pages of the Old Testament:


  • God created worlds without number (Moses 1:34)
  • God’s entire purpose in creating the world and us is so that we can live forever with Him (immortality) and like Him (eternal life) (Moses 1:39)
  • Our spirits are eternal. They were “organized,” not “created.” (Abraham 3:22)
  • There were spiritual leaders in the premortal world who were foreordained for the work they did on earth. (Abraham 3:23)
  • God held a heavenly council in which a Savior was chosen. (Abraham 3:27)
  • Satan chose to rebel against God and was followed by some of our spirit brothers and sisters. These spirits will never receive a physical body. (Abraham 26-28)
Come Follow Me Insights December 27, 2022

Come Follow Me Insight #3

Come Follow Me Insights January 27, 2022

The information in Moses 1 doesn’t exist anywhere else (not even in the book of Abraham) and can be considered a preface to the entire Bible!

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