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This Week's Reading

My Favorite Scriptures for the Week

There are TOOOONS of symbols in the book of Revelation, including numbers. 


What do those numbers mean? Though there could be many meanings here are some key numbers you’ll see pop up repeatedly in Revelation. 


4: Total coverage especially as related to God’s creations (i.e. four corners of the earth)


7: Completeness, wholeness, perfection (i.e. seven creative periods, 7 priests walked around Jericho 7 times in 7 days blowing 7 shofars on the 7th day)


10: Completeness of order (i.e. 10% tithing, 10 plagues of Egypt, 10 commandments)


12: Perfection in governance and witness (i.e. 12 gems in priestly breastplate, 12 oxen support the baptismal font, 12 tribes of Israel, 12 apostles). (Source)

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  1. Revelation 1:3
  2. Revelation 1:13
  3. Revelation 2:29
  4. Revelation 3:8
  5. Revelation 3:11
  6. Revelation 3:20
  7. Revelation 5:12

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