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Come Follow Me Insights This Week: February 7

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This Week's Reading: Genesis 12–17; Abraham 1–2

Come Follow Me Insight #1

Egyptologist and ancient scripture scholar Kerry Muhlestein shared that the reason Abraham’s father (a priest to false gods) tried to sacrifice his own son is because Abraham preached against idolatry and was deemed a threat. (Abraham 1:7). (Kerry Muhlestein, “Let’s Talk About the Book of Abraham” Chapter 1, pg 7)

Come Follow Me Insight #2

The Abrahamic Covenant is interesting in that it really only goes one way.  God puts ZERO requirements on Abraham and his seed for the blessings of the covenant to come to pass.  It is basically God telling Abraham, “I am determined to bless my covenant children.  No matter what they do I will continue to love them, draw them to me, and help them be able to return to Me.” (Abraham 2:6-11) 


For an awesome in-depth dive into the Abrahamic Covenant check out my podcast interview with BYU Professor Kerry Muhlestein here.

Come Follow Me Insight #3

When Abraham was done helping his nephew Lot out of a tight spot (no biggy, just had to go to literal battle to save him) Abraham starts heading home. 


On his way he passes a place called Salem, which in Hebrew is Shalem – which is likely the same location as modern-day Jerusalem (Psalms 76:2).  It’s here that Abraham offers a sacrifice of one tenth of all of his wealth (tithing) to Melchizedek. 


Only a few years later Abraham will return to what is likely this same area to offer an even greater sacrifice – his own son Isaac.  (Genesis 22:1-4)

My Favorite Scriptures for the Week

  1. Abraham 1:2
  2. Abraham 1:16-17
  3. Abraham 2:6
  4. Abraham 2:8
  5. Genesis 13:8-9
  6. Genesis 13:12, 18
Come Follow Me This Week Feb 21

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