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This Week's Reading: Nahum; Habakkuk; Zephaniah

Come Follow Me Insight #1

Come Follow Me Insights This Week

Nahum’s name means “consoler.” He must have been a consoling prophet for the Israelites. He didn’t point out their own sins, but focused on the downfall of their enemies! That must have been a nice break for them. (Source)

Come Follow Me Insight #2

The words of Habakkuk parallel those of Joseph Smith in Liberty Jail. They both cried out, “O Lord, how long. . . ?” (Habakkuk 1:2 and D&C 121:3)

Come Follow Me Insights This Week

Come Follow Me Insight #3

Come Follow Me Insights This Week

Just how many prophets were contemporaries with Lehi and where were they?


Northern Israel had already been destroyed, so all of Lehi’s contemporaries would have been in the southern kingdom of Judah. We don’t have exact years for all of these prophets’ lives, but it is likely that Lehi was a contemporary of: 


  1. Jeremiah
  2. Nahum
  3. Zephaniah
  4. Habakkuk
  5. Obadiah 
  6. Teenage Nephi
  7. Teenage Daniel
  8. Teenage Ezekiel (source)

My Favorite Scriptures for the Week

  1. Nahum 1:3
  2. Nahum 1:4-5
  3. Nahum 1:7
  4. Habakkuk 2:20
  5. Habakkuk 3:18-19
  6. Zephaniah 2:3
  7. Zephania 3:15


Come Follow Me Insights This Week

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