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This Week's Reading: Ezekiel 1-3; 33-34; 36-37; 47

Come Follow Me Insight #1

Come Follow Me Insights

Ezekiel was a priest in Jerusalem during Nebuchadnezzar’s three stage destruction of the city (Source). (2 Kings 24:8-17) 


    1. The first stage was in 605 B.C. when Nebuchadnezzar took a first wave of prisoners into exile including Daniel.  (Source)
    2. The second stage occurred in 597 BC when Nebuchadnezzer attacked the newly throned King Jehoiachin because of his father’s (King Jehoachim’s) rebellion. King Jehoiachin quickly submitted to King Nebuchadnezzer which saved the city, but over 10,000 hostages were taken into Babylon, including Ezekiel. (Source)

The third stage happened in 586 BC after the Babylonians had laid siege on Jerusalem for almost two years. Nebuchadnezzer then destroyed the city, its walls, and the temple. (Source)

Come Follow Me Insight #2

The book of Ezekiel begins five years after he had been taken into exile. Ezekiel was sitting by a river near the Israelite refugee camp. As he sat by the river he had a vision of God on His throne and was called to be a prophet to the Israelites in Babylon. (Ezekiel 1-2)

My Favorite Scriptures for the Week


      1. Ezekiel 7:19
      2. Ezekiel 33:7
      3. Ezekiel 33:9, 11
      4. Ezekiel 34:11
      5. Ezekiel 34:26
      6. Ezekiel 36:27
      7. Ezekiel 47:3-5
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