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This Week's Reading: Hebrews 1 - 6

Come Follow Me Insight #5

My Favorite Scriptures for the Week

Hebrews 1:2 mentions “worlds” (multiple) that Jesus made. Moses 1:33 teaches that God (through Jesus) has created worlds without number, but other Christians don’t use the Pearl of Great Price as scripture. So how do they interpret the use of the word “worlds” instead of “world”? I found three proposed explanations:

  1. The Greek word interpreted as “worlds” could also be interpreted as “ages.” Some therefore believe this indicates the earth had additional ages PREVIOUS to the story told in Genesis. This is how they then explain the existence of cavemen and dinosaurs. 
  2. Others believe the word “worlds” simply refers to the variety of planets in the universe (believing those planets to be unpopulated). 
  3. The final explanation is that heaven is a “world” and earth is a “world”– both of which Jesus created.
  1. Hebrews 2:10
  2. Hebrews 2:17-18
  3. Hebrews 4:2
  4. Hebrews 4:15
  5. Hebrews 4:16
  6. Hebrews 5:8
  7. Hebrews 6:12

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