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This Week's Reading: Colossians 2:8

Come Follow Me Insight #3

Let’s talk about circumcision. 


In Colossians 2:8 Paul says that Christans are “circumcised with the circumcision made without hands.” 


Circumcision started with Abraham back in Genesis 17:10–14. It seems to have continued through all of the Bible as a symbol that a man was part of covenant Israel. When Jesus came and fulfilled the Law of Moses, circumcision was no longer required.

So what does “the circumcision made without hands” mean? The phrase “made without hands” comes from the Greek Ἀχειροποίητος akh-i-rop-oy’-ay-tos which means “unmanufactured.” 


So the circumcision God requires cannot be done (or manufactured) by man, it has to be done by Jesus as He changes (or circumcises) our hearts.  (Source)


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My Favorite Scriptures for the Week


    1. Philippians 1:20
    2. Philippians 3:8
    3. Philippians 3:15
    4. Philippians 4:8  
    5. Philippians 4:11
    6. Philippians 4:13
    7. Colossians 1:21 

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