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This Week's Reading: Isaiah 13-14; 24-30; 35

Come Follow Me Insight #1

Come Follow Me Insights This Week: September 12

Last week I suggested using Isaiah and his sons’ names to remember the three themes most often covered in this book: Jesus, scattering, and gathering. John Bytheway has a different method that you might find helpful. He suggests looking for the following “C” themes in each chapter of Isaiah:


    1. Covenants
    2. Christ
    3. Current events
    4. Coming events

I highly suggest getting John’s book Isaiah for Airheads which changed my entire relationship with this book of scripture! Or if you want a small overview of the book, you can read this article here.

Come Follow Me Insight #2

These chapters are filled with Isaiah’s prophesy of doom. Why was he so negative? For the most part, the Israelite kings at this time were awful! King Uzziah tried to take over the temple priest’s job without God’s approval. King Shallum only ruled one month before he was assassinated. King Pekahiah was assassinated after a two-year reign. King Ahaz practiced human sacrifices, paid tribute to other countries using temple treasures, and even had a pagan altar built on the temple complex. No wonder Isaiah seemed so concerned!

Come Follow Me Insights This Week: September 12

Come Follow Me Insight #3

Come Follow Me Insights This Week: September 12

Isaiah 14:12-15 takes us waaaay back in time to before the earth was even created. Though I have heard some people try to defend Satan’s alternative to God’s plan as a desire to save all of God’s children, these verses make it VERY clear who Satan’s priority was. Between Isaiah14:13-14 Satan uses the word “I” five times. Just a quick reminder that Satan never has and never will want what’s best for you!

My Favorite Scriptures for the Week


    1. Isaiah 26:12
    2. Isaiah 26:16
    3. Isaiah 28:10
    4. Isaiah 28:12
    5. Isaiah 29:13
    6. Isaiah 30:19
    7. Isaiah 35:10
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