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A Complete List of Every Episode and Conference Talk We Have Dived Into on the Podcast

DateEpisode NumberSpeakerTalk Name
4/8/20231100Russell M NelsonPeacemakers Needed
4/15/20231108Dallin H OaksThe Teachings of Jesus Christ
4/22/20231115Ronald A RasbandHosanna to the Most High God
4/29/20231122Ulisses S SoaresFollowers of the Prince of Peace
5/6/20231143Allen D HaynieA Living Prophet for the Latter Days
5/13/20231136Gerrit W GongMinistering
7/15/20231143Russell M NelsonThe Answer Is Always Jesus Christ
5/27/20231150Henry B EyringFinding Personal Peace
6/3/20231157Mark A BraggChristlike Poise
6/3/20231158Ahmad S CorbittDo You Know Why I as a Christian Believe in Christ?
6/10/20231165Bonnie H CordonNever Give Up an Opportunity to Testify of Christ
6/10/20231166Carl B CookJust Keep Going--With Faith
6/17/20231173Dale G RenlundAccessing God's Power through Covenants
6/24/20231180Dieter F UchtdorfJesus Christ is the Strength of Parents
7/1/20231187Peter F MeursHe Could Heal Me!
7/1/20231188Randall K BennettYour Patriarchal Blessing--Inspired Direction from Heavenly Father
7/8/20231195Neil L AndersenMy Mind Caught Hold upon This Thought of Jesus Christ
7/15/20231202K Brett NattressHave I Truly Been Forgiven?
7/22/20231209Evan A SchmutzTrusting the Doctrine of Christ
7/22/20231210Benjamin De HoyosThe Work of the Temple and Family History--One and the Same Work
7/29/20231217Gary E StevensonThe Greatest Easter Story Ever Told
8/5/20231224David A BednarAbide in Me, and I in You; Therefore Walk with Me
8/12/20231231M Russell BallardRemember What Matters Most
8/19/20231238Juan A UcedaThe Lord Jesus Christ Teaches Us to Minister
8/19/20231239Camille N JohnsonJesus Christ Is Relief
8/26/20231246D Todd ChristoffersonOne in Christ
9/2/2023Kevin R DuncanA Voice of Gladness!
9/2/2023Vern P StanfillThe Imperfect Harvest
9/9/2023Quentin L CookSafely Gathered Home
9/16/2023W Mark BassettAfter the Fourth Day
9/16/2023Kazuhiko YamashitaWhen to Receive Your Patriarchal Blessing
9/23/2023Craig C ChristensenThere Can Be Nothing So Exquisite and Sweet as Was My Joy
9/23/2023Milton CamargoFocus on Jesus Christ
DateEpisode NumberSpeakerTalk Name
10/8/2022905Paul V. JohnsonBe Perfected In Him
10/15/2022912Tracy Y. BrowningSeeing More of Jesus Christ in Our Lives
10/22/2022920Russell M. NelsonOvercome the World and Find Rest
10/29/2022927Dale G. RenlundA Framework for Personal Revelation
11/5/2022934Steven J. LundLasting Discipleship
11/5/2022935Michelle D. CraigWholehearted
11/12/2022943Dieter F. UchtdorfJesus Christ is the Strength of Youth
11/19/2022950David A. BednarPut On Thy Strength, O Zion
11/26/2022957Kristin M. YeeBeauty for Ashes: The Healing Path of Forgiveness
11/26/2022958J. Annette DennisHis Yoke Is Easy and His Burden Is Light
12/3/2022965Ryan K. OlsenThe Answer is Jesus
12/3/2022966Kevin W. PearsonAre You Still Willing?
12/10/2022974Ronald A. RasbandThis Day
12/17/2022981D. Todd ChristoffersonThe Doctrine of Belonging
12/24/2022988Jorge F. ZeballosBuild a Life Resistant to the Adversary
12/24/2022989Isaac K. MorrisonWe Can Do Hard Things Through Him
12/31/2022996Dallin H. OaksHelping the Poor and Distressed
1/7/20221004Russell M. NelsonWhat Is True?
Focus on the Temple
1/14/20221011Hugo MontoyaThe Eternal Principle of Love
1/14/20221012Gerald CausseOur Earthly Stewardship
1/21/20221020Rafael E. PinoLet Doing Good Be Our New Normal
1/21/20221021Denelson SilvaCourage to Proclaim the Truth
1/28/20221028Jeffrey R. HollandLifted Up Upon the Cross
2/4/20221035Gary E. StevensonNourishing and Bearing Your Testimony
2/11/20221043Neil L. AndersenDrawing Closer to the Savior
2/18/20221050Jonathan S. SchmittThat They Might Know Thee
2/18/20221051Mark D. EddyThe Virtue of the Word
2/25/20221059Quentin L. CookBe True to God and His Work
3/4/20221065M. Russell BallardFollow Jesus Christ with Footsteps of Faith
3/11/20221072Ulisses SoaresIn Partnership With the Lord
3/18/20221079Gerrit W. GongHappy and Forever
3/25/20221086Henry B. EyringLegacy of Encouragement
3/28/20221090James W. McConkie IIIAnd They Sought to See Jesus Who He Was