Studying General Conference in depth just got a whole lot easier . . . just press play and go!

Does diving into the General Conference talks feel impossible because of:

scared mom

Well, mom, I've got you covered.

FHE General Conference

Introducing Conference on-the-Go: A General Conference podcast!

What it is:

You can have fast and fun General Conference study with ZERO prep!

FHE Family Home Evening

How to sign up on Apple Podcasts

Step 1

Access One Minute Scripture Study from inside Apple Podcasts

From within a One Minute Scripture Study podcast episode click on the three dots at the bottom right of the screen.

Step 2

A menu will pop up.  Choose “Go to Show”.

Step 3

A new window will pop up with a small banner at the bottom that says, “Sign up for Conference-on-the-Go!”

Click on the “SUBSCRIBE” button.

Step 4

Double click on the right side button on your iPhone to subscribe

Step 5

When you go back to the One Minute Scripture Study show you will now see a small banner that says “SUBSCRIBER EDITION”.

This means you are signed up!

Step 6

Hooray, you’re a subscriber!!

New episodes will show up in your regular One Minute Scripture Study podcast feed with “Conference-on-the-Go” at the beginning of the title.

Problem solving tips for apple podcasts

Not seeing the button to sign up for Conference-on-the-Go?

You’re not alone! We’ve had multiple listeners have this problem.  For all of them (so far) it just required that they do a system update on their phone.  Once that was done the button showed up on our podcast as pictured above.

Still have questions?  Contact Kristen at kristen [at] kristenwalkersmith [dot] com

How to sign up on PATREON

Step 1

For Android users, click the link below to visit our Patreon page.  When you get to the page it will have a large red “Join” button.

Step 2

Click the red “Join” button.  You’ll need to create a Patreon account and enter your payment information.  

Step 3

Once you “Join” Conference-on-the-Go you’ll receive an email with your personal RSS feed– copy this and skip to Step 6.  If you don’t see the email, log in to Patreon and search for “One Minute Scripture Study.”  When the page comes up you will see a section that says “My membership.”

Step 4

Click on “My membership”. 

Step 5

In the “My Membership” page you will find a section called “Private RSS link.”  Click on the button that says “Copy RSS link.” 

Step 6

Go to your podcast app (the pictures included here are from the Castbox app).  Find the button or bar that will allow you to manually enter an RSS feed. 

Step 7

Paste the private RSS feed you copied from the “My Membership” section of Patreon. 

Step 8

This will bring up “FHE on the Go.”  Click the “Subscribe” button so that new episodes will automatically show up in your podcast feed. You’re all done!  Hooray!

Problem solving tips for PATREON

If you’re having trouble getting your RSS feed set up, Patreon has an article that explains how to use it in detail:–How-to-use-your-custom-audio-RSS-link

Still have questions?  Contact Kristen at kristen [at] kristenwalkersmith [dot] com

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