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Spiritually strong kids

How Do You Raise Spiritually Strong Kids? Do This!

If you’re like me, then you feel a bit of anxiety about raising spiritually strong kids.


You know the blessings of the gospel and making covenants– so how do you help your kids gain that same testimony?

It turns out there is a “secret sauce” to raising spiritually strong kids.  


And it’s actually not that secret. 


It’s what prophets have been telling us to do for decades. 

Personal Scripture Study Matters A LOT!

Statistics for raising spiritually strong kids

During the late 20th century the Church conducted a study on young men called “A Youth Study.”  Basically they were trying to figure out if there were any similarities between young men  who received the Melchizedek priesthood, served missions, received temple endowments, and eventually married in the temple.  What was it that had helped these boys stay faithful to the gospel and make these important decisions?


After interviewing hundreds of young men the study found that there were two, surprisingly simple common factors among those young men who “launched successfully”.


They were: personal scripture study and personal prayer. 



More than going to EFY, more than attending Church every week, more than getting an Eagle Scout award, it mattered if these boys had personal experiences with the Lord through their own study and prayer! 


When you’re trying to raise spiritually strong kids, scripture study matters!

Family Scripture Study is Where Raising Spiritually Strong Kids Starts

Then comes the follow up question of every Latter-day Saint mother in the world: “But how do I get my son/daughter to read the scriptures and pray on their own?” 


Does it require constant nagging? 


Not at all. 


The Church study found the answer to this question as well. 


There were three things that determined whether these young men would study and pray on their own:


#1 – Family prayer

#2 – Family scripture study and family home evening

# 3 – Family agreement on values


So if we want our kids to have strong testimonies of their own, we HAVE to have strong family habits of prayer, scripture study, and FHE. 

The Protection of 4 Touches When Raising Spiritually Strong Kids

statistics for raising spiritually strong kids

If that’s not enough to get you on the scripture study bandwagon check out these statistics!


The Center for Bible Engagement found that, “Christians who are engaged in scripture most days of the week have lower odds of participating in these behaviors:


– getting drunk (57% lower odds)

– sex outside marriage (68% lower odds)

– pornography (61% lower odds)

– gambling (74% lower odds).”  

But you know what’s interesting?  Those benefits ONLY came to those who read the scriptures at least 4 times a week! 


Those who read only 3 times a week did not get the same benefits.  We HAVE to be doing scripture study the majority of the time!

Feeling Overwhelmed?

sword method for scripture study helps in raising spiritually strong kids

Okay mom, I see you. 


At this point you’re probably feeling overwhelmed and getting an unhealthy does of #momguilt. 


Let it go!


Because you’re going to start doing better today and it’s not going to be hard. 


There is a super basic scripture study method (that totally engages kids, teenagers, and adults) that you can use to make just one verse of study feel awesome. 


It’s the Sword Method and I covered it in a blog post here


Check it out, teach it to your kids tonight, and start getting those “4 scripture touches” each week!


You can raise spiritually strong kids with just a little bit of daily effort!  We’ve got this, mom!

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