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June Month in Review

Hey, friend! Kristen here!


On this blog I tend to talk about the scriptures and never mention what’s going on in real life. However, that is the part of my social media (Instagram mainly) that most people enjoy hearing about most. 


So I thought I’d start doing a monthly post with updates on life and things I’m enjoying that I think you might like too!


Let’s dive into how June 2024 went!

Life Updates

The month started off with a bang! I traveled to BYU to film an episode of Come Follow Up with Ben Lomu and Anthony Sweat on BYU TV. Talk about a treat! 


I told the show’s hair and makeup folks (Ed and Jennifer– total magicians) that I didn’t ask much, I just wanted them to make me look hot! Haha! Not sure if I could be considered “hot” at over 40 but I sure looked my best!


I’ll keep you posted when the episode goes live!

I spent the next two weeks in Texas with my daughter. My ENTIRE family moved to Texas so if I want to see them I have to fly all the way down south to see them. 


Trip highlights included: 



  • Getting to be with my mom and all my sisters two days in a row (pictured to the right!)
  • Visiting Bucees (do you know this place? It is a “must-see” stop on every trip to Texas and it’s a GAS STATION!!)
  • Having dinner with my cousins and their families! I am the youngest cousin in a very big family and always thought my older cousins were so cool. I had a MAJOR crush on my cousin David as a kid even though he is 20 years older than me . . . and we’re related. Haha! I asked his wife (she is so lovely– hi, Keri!) if I could get a prom style pic with “the one that got away”– haha! She happily obliged. 

The month ended with a bang with a trip to BYU Idaho. I got permission to start filming my weekly YouTube videos on campus– using more of a “man on the streets” interview style. 


The first visit was so much fun– my son and I got a tour of campus and absolutely LOVED it. This school is so fabulous and I can’t wait to film more videos there!

What I'm Reading and Listening To

I’m in the middle of five million (give or take) Church history books. 


I admitted on Instagram that the Doctrine and Covenants has always been my least favorite book of scripture (no storyline!). 


But I’m determined to change that by learning the storyline so well that I can tell it to myself as I read the D&C. 

An Inconvenient Letter by Julie Wright was such a fun read for me!


Imagine if you wrote love letters to your crush and they accidentally got sent to him!


That’s how this book starts and is such a fun premise. 


I listened to it for free on Deseret Bookshelf but you can also grab it on Amazon here.

Products I'm Loving

I’m not a great shopper- I went to the mall with my sisters while I was in Texas and was like “Can we go home?” the whole time. 


All that to say that I do most of my clothes shopping on Amazon. Most of my purchases end up pretty “meh” but this one is my new favorite. I get complimented on it EVERY time I wear it! 

This one is so silly but it makes me so happy. 


Working from home means that I spend a lot of time sitting at my desk without interruption. 


I decided I want to do a movement break every hour, but don’t want to be using my phone alarm (I’m also trying to look at my phone less). So I bought this pomodoro clock and LOVE it. 


You just turn the clock to whichever amount of time you want your timer on and it starts going. 

So easy and it’s helped me get in lots more movement breaks throughout the day!

Men, look away!

Ladies, you’re going to want to listen up!


I LOOOOOOOVE this MixHers drink (called HerTime) that helps with that monthly visitor we all know and hate. 


Truly, I’ve been taking this for almost a year and it has made that time of the month LIGHT YEARS better!


I have an affiliate code for this that will get you a discount. (Please note, the fact that I have an affiliate code is not the reason I’m sharing this drink– it is just SO good. There are other drinks from this company I have tried that I didn’t like and I don’t recommend. But HerTime? Yes! I HIGHLY recommend it!)


The affiliate code that will get you 10% off your purchase is: KristenS10