Your daughter is quickly approaching her teen years which means:

What's a mom to do?

Unfortunately, latter-day moms can't plan to "wing it" . . .

Latter-day girls need a plan to help prepare them for the turbulent teens.

You made detailed plans for the day she was born.

You planned her outfit for the first day of school.

You planned and prepared her for baptism.

But what's the plan to prepare her for the teen years?

Your daughter's spiritual & emotional blueprint for the teenage years.

With One Minute Scripture Study for Girls your daughter will learn how to:

OMSS for Girls is led by Kristen Walker Smith who will:

Don't try to "wing" it!

Join today and help your daughter (ages 9 - 13) stay spiritually and emotionally strong now and through the turbulent teens!

Video Level includes access to:

In-Person Level includes access to: