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Bonus Episode List & Links!

Season 4 Bonus Episodes
(New Testament)

Episode NumberHosts or GuestPodcast Title
1040Kristen Walker Smith and Cali Black30 Minute History of the Entire New Testament
1001Monica PackerGet Excited for the New Testament!

Season 3 Bonus Episodes
(Old Testament)

Season 2 Bonus Episodes
(Doctrine & Covenants)

Season 1 Bonus Episodes
(Book of Mormon)

Episode NumberGuest InterviewPodcast Title
218Lexie Kite of Beauty RedefinedBody Positive Changes for the New Year
212Amber RobbinsBully-Resistant and Grateful Teens
200David BowmanGetting Kids in the Scriptures (Happily!)
194Joey MascioHow to Help Ungrateful Teens
183Kristen Walker SmithThe Mental Illness Episode
172Kristen Walker SmithMy Favorite Things!
131Kristen Walker SmithSatan's 3 Traps for Women
125Brandon PipkinEmotional Abuse and Your Spirit
119Jill Freestone, Certified Life CoachAnxiety Tips from Life Coach Jill Freestone
113Sami HalvorsenHow to Recognize Anxiety
107John Hilton IIIFinding Peace in Troubling Times with John Hilton III
101Mark Shields (Full Length Version)Transform Your Temple Experience with Mark Shields
100Mark Shields (Short Version)Transform Your Temple Experience with Mark Shields (Short Episode)
93Kristen Walker SmithHow to Create an LDS Vision Board in 2020
87Kristen Walker SmithWhat You (and Your Kids!) Listen to Matters
81Kristen Walker SmithProof that LDS Teens are Remarkable
75Kristen Walker Smith1 Trick to Incredible Self Confidence
69Kristen Walker SmithSelf Worth in a Selfie World
63Kristen Walker Smith7 Habits of Happy Girls
57Kristen Walker SmithWhy the Atonement Is For Teenagers (Part 2)
52Kristen Walker SmithWhy the Atonement Is For Teenagers (Part 1)
43Kristen Walker SmithHow to Give a Great Sacrament Talk
27Kristen Walker Smith3 Habits of Spiritually Gritty Teenagers
18Kristen Walker SmithSpiritual Grit
12Kristen Walker SmithFinding Answers to Gospel Questions