Is your teen spiritually ready to leave home?

Before you send your teen out into the world, arm them with the spiritual knowledge they need to succeed!

Hey there mama.  Do you find yourself:

Spiritually Resilient Teens was created with YOUR teen in mind!

Based on years of teaching experience and research, Spiritually Resilient Teens addresses the eight KEY issues that cause most young adults to lose their testimonies.


Eight engaging classes on critical gospel topics from finding answers to difficult questions to how to feel the Spirit.

FHE for busy families


Have your teen watch live or listen to a pre-recorded lesson on-the-go

Children and youth program goal


Each lesson will invite your teen to engage with a tiny goal to practice receiving and acting on personal revelation.

Here's what moms like you are saying . . .

Kristen was born to mentor youth, and help them step into their true, centered spiritual selves. She is, in every sense, a modern-day warrior in the fight to preserve the strength and confidence of youth in the face of a world that would demean, diminish, and blunt the spiritual power that they are meant to wield. Kristen teaches with imagery, with unmatched conviction, and with a sense of fun, enthusiasm and hope that is irresistible to youth, and those who mentor them. I cannot speak highly enough of her inspired work.

Emily Jones

Family Tech University

My daughters are learning to navigate some tough waters in the stage of life they’re in. This age is brutal for many girls. I’m so grateful for the extra help I get from Kristen’s class. . . . They are learning how to love themselves and how to relate the problems they have in their life to the scriptures. This is an essential tool they will need throughout their lives and Kristen is helping them to develop and sharpen it!

Ashley K.

How it Works

The Eight Key Skills of Spiritually Resilient Teens

1. I have a mission and prioritize accordingly

2. I can recognize revelation

3. I know how to get answers to gospel questions

4. I have a rock-solid testimony

5. I can handle a faith crisis confidently

6. I can use the Atonement of Christ to quickly bounce back from sin

7. I can connect with God in prayer

8. I can hear God in the scriptures

Do you . . .

scared mom

I'm with you. The mom guilt and worry are real!
But it doesn't have to be that way!

What if instead you felt:

Hey friend! I'm Kristen.

I’m a former seminary and EFY teacher, co-host of the One Minute Scripture Study podcast, BYU Education Week speaker, Deseret Book masterclass teacher, and bestselling author. 


Much more importantly, I’m a mom of 3 kids who struggle with the same things your kids do!


I’ve been teaching the youth of the church for the last 15 years and have discovered the lessons they most need and the methods that work best. 


I would love to be part of the village that helps prepare your teen to leave the nest!

You can stay stuck feeling:

Or you can: