Thank you . . . and . . . don't leave yet!

For your daughter to have the best experience possible I need you to do two things!

Both of these are totally free and will accelerate your daughter's growth.

1. Check your email (including SPAM!)

Check your email over the next 24 hours. You'll get a number of emails but look for one called "You're In! (Links You'll Need)" and an email from

The "You're In" email includes the Zoom link info for all of the meetings your daughter will attend.

The esignatures email includes a form for you to give me permission to text your daughter throughout the Girls With Fire course. This is not required but is so helpful in keeping the girls motivated to work on their goals.

2. Schedule a One-on-One Chat

Use this Calendly link to schedule a free one-on-one 10 minute chat with you, your daughter, and me! This is optional but I have found that it is CRUCIAL in helping your daughter feel comfortable with me and be successful in the group.

I'm so excited to meet your daughter!
Make sure to check your email for that esignature document!