The Sword Method Makes Scripture Study Easy as 1-2-3!

Scripture Study, Come Follow Me

Why is family scripture study so dang hard?


If Heavenly Father wants us to do it, why isn’t it easier?  Why do the kids have to fight?  Why are the scriptures so hard to understand?


Friend, I have a secret for you. 


Scripture study doesn’t have to be so hard.


In fact, it can be easy AND powerful for the entire family.


Sound like clickbait?

It’s really not.  It’s the Sword Method and I use it in my own family all of the time.  


Keep reading to find out how to make scripture study as easy as 1-2-3!

Step 1: How does this point to God?

Now as I said, this method requires zero prep on your part.  You just need to make sure you add discussion time in to each family scripture study session. 



The very first step in the Sword Method is to have each person participating picture themself holding a sword, the tip of the sword pointing up to the sky. 



The first thing you’re going to focus on is that tip.  As you read a single verse, a whole chapter, or even after you watch How the Grinch Stole Christmas you’re going to ask, “How does this point to God?  What is He trying to teach me here?



Let’s take the Grinch example.  Last night my family watched the cartoon together and at the end we discussed this question: “What can we learn from this movie?  What might God be teaching us through it?”  We decided that what God was trying to teach us was that Christmas is about giving, not about everything you get. 

Step 2: How does this relate to me?

The second step in the sword method is to focus on your own hand holding the handle of the sword. 



You’ve figured out the lesson God is trying to teach, now it’s time to look at yourself and ask “How does this relate to me?”  Or, as Jesus’ disciples said, “Lord, is it I?”



So last night as my family discussed the lesson we learned from the Grinch I asked, “Do we ever get really focused on what we are getting for Christmas?   Do you think we could have a totally happy Christmas with no presents at all?”


This started a great discussion about how we’re a little too focused on ourselves this Christmas season. 

Step 3: What is a small action I can take with this knowledge?

The third step in the Sword Method is to then look at the sword and figure out how you can put it into ACTION! 


You decide on a small thing you can do to use that sword and fight against Satan (my kids like to picture that they’re slapping Satan on the side of the head with their sword).

After our Grinch discussion my kids decided that they would hunt down all the coins they could find in the house and buy something for someone in need.  

It’s a small action, but it’s still powerful!

We ended our discussion with John 13:35 and a prayer. 

It probably took about two minutes but it was so much better than the times we just plow through a chapter with zero discussion.  

Family Scripture Study Simplified!

sword method for scripture study helps in raising spiritually strong kids

What the Sword Method does is three fold:


  1. It gets kids looking for the lessons in the scriptures (aka the principles)
  2. It helps them relate the scriptures to real life
  3. It helps them take action on what they’ve learned and felt

If you LOVE the idea of the Sword Method but aren’t sure how to do it on your own, check out one of my scripture study books below! One Minute Scripture Study uses the sword method to help you relate the scriptures (yes even the Bible!) to your real life! Click on the images below to find them on Amazon!