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The Best Scripture Study Tools

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PSA, friends: Anyone can dive into the scriptures and come closer to Christ through them! No extra tools are needed for that!

But if you'd like to really "get" the scriptures and feel more confident as you read them, you'll want to check out the resources below!

My Favorite Scripture Marking Tools

Some people love to color code their scriptures-- I don't. I find that there are just TOO many topics and not enough colors in the rainbow to color code them all. But you do what feels right for you!! There is no one "right" way to mark your scriptures! But in case you're interested, the only two marking tools I use are:

Post it notes

Oh friend, I can’t wax eloquent enough about my love for post it notes. And I’m not alone– Elder Bednar uses them in his scriptures too!


This is my FAVORITE way to take longer notes, write down related quotes, or write down personal revelation I receive. Using post it notes in your scriptures turns them into a combination study guide/revelation journal and I LOVE it!


I highly suggest getting lots of different sizes of post it notes to use as bookmarks, for long quotes, or for short notes. You can grab them at your local Walmart for cheaper than this set, but in case you want EXACTLY what I use, click on the link below to get it on Amazon.

Mechanical pencils

Don’t make the same mistakes I did!!


When I initially started marking my scriptures I used pens– I wanted my markings to be permanent. 


And it was fine for a while. . . until a few years later the pen marks started to bleed through the pages. . . and then my scriptures got rained on and it turned pages of my scriptures the color of the ink. 


Don’t do it!


My favorite way to mark is with a mechanical pencil– cheap ones like Bic are fine. 


This allows you to write in small spaces, erase when you mess up, or even erase later on if you feel like you don’t want that scripture marked anymore. 

My Favorite Book of Mormon Resources

If you want to get the storyline of the Book of Mormon straight this book is for you!


I truly can’t say enough good things about the series of books by Lynn and David Rosenvall. They take the confusion out of the scriptures, dividing the scriptures into events and clarifying who is speaking, where they are, and adding contextual clues as needed. 


My 9 and 12 year olds are using this for their personal scripture study and FINALLY feel like they are “getting” the scriptures. 

Want to dive in DEEP to find proof that the Book of Mormon is true?


This book is expertly written with evidence from the Hebrew language (and other languages) that prove Joseph Smith could NEVER have made up the Book of Mormon. 


It’s a deep read, but so good!

This book is tiny and PACKED with goodness!


This is an easy read that is full of evidences to prove the authenticity of the Book of Mormon. 


This one is PERFECT for teens and is always in my Church bag!

Not enough time for family or personal scripture study?


One Minute Scripture Study in the Book of Mormon will help you dive into the scriptures EVERY day of the year in just ONE minute. 

Have a stupor of thought when it comes to the Isaiah chapters in the Book of Mormon? 


Same, friend! Until I used this awesome book by John Bytheway. It helps you slowly move through Isaiah finding the big picture and the little lessons. 


If you’re determined to finally have Isaiah apply to real life, this book is a game changer!

I took a religion class from D. Kelly Ogden at BYU and the man is a genius. 


This book is not for light skimming. It is a deep dive into each verse in the Book of Mormon. This is where your post it notes will really come in handy– you’ll find quotes and facts you don’t want to forget on each page of htis book. 

Ever wonder why there are so many war chapters in the Book of Mormon? 


This book by John Bytheway will help you make personal spiritual connections to war strategies, battle numbers, and more. 

This is another deep dive into the Book of Mormon but includes the scriptures in the book itself (no need to have your own scriptures nearby). 


If that is important or helpful to you, this set is great! Personally I love having my scriptures open and taking notes in them, so I would go with the D. Kelly Ogden book, but if you’re trying to make life easier, this set is for you!

My Favorite New Testament Resources

Oh my goodness gracious. Get this book!!


The New Testament Gospels are SO confusing– seriously, they’re repetitive but not in the same order and some authors include stories that others don’t. How could four people tell the same story so differently? 


This book solves that problem by putting the Gospels in chronological order by event. Then each event includes a cohesive storyline as told by any of the gospel authors who wrote about that event. 


It is GENIUS and I could not love it more. 

I just bought this book and am really, really enjoying it. 


John takes you behind the scenes on the parables and helps you understand the history and deeper meaning behind them. 


Why was the sower in the parable of the sower throwing his seeds instead of carefully planting them? 


This book helps you understand facts like that, plus how those facts add to the spiritual application of the parables.

If you want to slowly go through the New Testament and really feel like you understand it, this book is for you. 


It will take TIME, but this is how I finally felt like the New Testament made sense. 


So if you’re ready to get your scripture nerd on, I highly suggest this book. 

Struggling to understand how the New Testament applies to real life? 


This book (written by my podcast cohost and me) helps you dive into the scriptures and apply them to real life in just one minute a day. 


Perfect for busy families or brand new scripture readers!

My Favorite Doctrine & Covenant Resources

I love this little book from Susan Easton Black!


When I first started teaching seminary it was Doctrine & Covenants year. . . and I am NOT a D&C scholar. 


I grabbed this book and loved how it gives you the back story (and future story) of the people you read about in the Doctrine & Covenants. 


If the pages of the D&C feel stuffy to you, this book helps bring the people in it alive!

I’m ashamed to say it but I don’t yet adore the Doctrine & Covenants. 


Out of all the book of scripture it is hte hardest for me to relate to. Which is why I have this book waiting on my shelf for the next time we study the D&C for Come Follow Me. It’s my goal to learn to LOVE the Doctrine and Covenants, and I’m hoping this book will help me do it!

Another book I’m planning to use the next time we study the Doctrine & Covenants is this genius offering from Susan Easton Black. 


Susan covers 400 questions you might have as you study the Doctrine & Covenants and they are organized by section number!


So as you read through each section you can dive in deeper to the history and doctrine using this book. I am SO excited to get this one!

My Favorite Old Testament Resources

I know this book says it’s about the Old Testament but it also changed the way I experience the temple endowment. 


James has a gift for taking scriptures you’ve read a million times and giving you new “a ha” moments about them. 


If you’re interested in doing some deep thinking about the Old Testament, this is a fabulous book. 

This book covers just ONE part of ONE chapter in the Old Testament but it is such a powerful read. 


Tammy dives into the original Hebrew of Proverb 31 which talks about the power of virtuous women. 


If this scripture has ever bothered you because you don’t feel like you can live up to the perfect picture it paints of a virtuous woman, you NEED this book. 


Tammy has such a fun writing style and it’s a deep but easy read.

Oh friend, are you on the Old Testament struggle bus? 


I was for YEARS! 


In fact, when I first started teaching the Old Testament as a seminary teacher I’d never even read it cover to cover. 


I decided that was a terrible way to teach and so I started reading. And it took a LOOOOOOONG time. But I discovered that I LOVED the Old Testament. 


If you’re tired of the same scripture stories you’ve been reading since childhood, the Old Testament is full of ones you’ve probably never heard– and they’re crazy!!


This book helped the Old Testament become my favorite book of scripture to read!

This is another book in my amaon cart. 


Based on how much I love the Rosenvall’s Book of Mormon book and New Testament book I’m assuming this one will be fabulous too!


This book helps to harmonize the Pearl of Great Price and Genesis to give you one cohesive story.

I seriously can’t wait to dive into this one!

This book is not for the faint of heart. 


It is thick and paaaaaacked with information. 


But if you want to take the Savior’s words to heart and REALLY study the book of Isaiah, this book will help you with that!


Kerry is a GENIUS and he has packed all that intelligence into this wonderful book. 

If you need help just to get in ANY scripture study at all, might I recommend my own book, One MInute Scripture Study in the Old Testament? 


This is a fabulous introduction to the Old Testament that helps you dive into the scriptures (and find personal applications) in just ONE minute a day. 

Now after all of this please remember– all you truly need for quality scripture study is. . . the scriptures! And the Spirit!


But if you want a little extra support with your scripture study I hope these suggestions help!