3 Things to Know

Brother Brad Wilcox's talk "Worthiness is Not Flawlessness."

1. Something cool from Brad Wilcox

Brad Wilcox

Brad Wilcox’s talk was a continuation of his BYU Speech “His Grace is Sufficient.


That talk was given almost 10 years ago!


Anyone else remember it?  It doesn’t feel like its been that long!

2. Something you might have missed

In the middle of his talk Brad talked about gas tanks.  It kind of got lost in all the other goodness. What the analogy taught was this:


Life = a long road trip


Sacrament/repentance = stopping to fill the tank & promising to keep going


Filling the tank = God & Christ’s promise to help us as we keep on going

Brad Wilcox compared life to a road trip

3. Something you need to know from Brad Wilcox

Brad Wilcox encouraged baby steps to change

Brad talked about a young man, Damon, who struggled with pornography addiction. What Damon realized and Brad taught is that it’s not realistic to expect a complete overnight change. 



We need to focus on small, incremental progress!  Baby steps, friends!  Baby steps!

If you want to dive into the talk with quotes, personal application questions, and stories, check out this week’s FHE on-the-Go episode here!  Just press “play” and go!


His Grace Is Sufficient