3 Things to Know

The talk “The Love of God” by D. Todd Christofferson

1. Something cool from Elder Christofferson

Jesus Loves Me

At the beginning of his talk, Elder Christofferson pointed out that the Savior literally has never done a single selfish thing.  When He volunteered to be our Savior He wasn’t secretly hoping for applause or praise– He did it only with the desire to serve His Father and His brothers and sisters.


2. Something you might have missed

Almost as an aside, Elder Christofferson mentioned something that I think is so, so important.  He said that the more we rely on God’s love the less we will need other people’s approval.  Think of that!  How would your life be different if it truly only mattered to you what God thought of you?


3 Things to Know from Oct 2021 General Conference

3. Something you need to know from Elder Villanueva

3 Things to Know from Oct 2021 General Conference

Elder Christofferson made a powerful point: just because God’s LOVE is unconditional doesn’t mean His BLESSINGS are too.  God has created laws that we have to keep if we want to be worthy of His blessings!  So His love is always given freely, but His blessings often come with requirements.  


If you want to dive into the talk with quotes, personal application questions, and stories, check out this week’s FHE on-the-Go episode here!  Just press “play” and go!


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