3 Things to Know

Three Things to Know About the Talk by Elder David A. Bednar, “With the Power of God in Great Glory.”

1. Something cool

Elder David A. Bednar talked about the power of temple covenants

I loved how Elder David A. Bednar pointed out that the Restoration of the gospel through Joseph Smith wasn’t just about us. 


He said that this Restoration started with saving souls on THIS side of the veil but it soon became about the work of saving souls on BOTH sides of the veil. 

2. Something you might have missed from Elder David A. Bednar

Elder Bednar pointed out a bit of a conundrum.  Joseph Smith said that the work of preaching the gospel was the most important work we could do. 


But then seven years later he said the most important work we can do is seeking after our dead and doing their temple work.” 


How can two different things both be the most important? 


Elder Bednar said that what both of these activities have in common are the covenants they help people make with God.  So whether on this side of the veil or the other, helping others make covenants with God is our most important work!

Elder David A. Bednar discussed two most important things

3. Something you need to know

Elder David A. Bednar encourage learning about temple covenants

Elder Bednar talked about how our temple covenants bring us great power and that this isn’t just a nice idea, it’s a reality. 


But for that power to become a reality we have to do three things:

  • learn about our covenants,
  • receive covenants, and then
  • honor our covenants. 

If you don’t feel the power of your temple covenants a great question is: is there more you need to learn about them or a way in which you could better honor them?


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