3 Things to Know

Sister Sharon Eubank’s talk “I Pray He’ll Use Us”

1. Something cool

Sister Sharon Eubank brought a cookie to conference

Sister Eubank started her talk with a story about the Kadado family who lives in Syria and own three bakeries. 


However, because of war there was a blockade that stopped supplies from coming into their town.  Not only did their bakery suffer, this little family started to starve.  They had no food.  The Kadados and other Syrian families were blessed when LDS Charities partnered with a local group to start feeding one meal a day with a drink of milk to these starving individuals.


Recently a box of cookies arrived at Church Headquarters from the Kadado family as thanks to the Church for literally saving their lives.


Sister Eubank said that this cookie is really a thank you for me and you, for the financial support we have given the Church that makes such service possible.

2. Something you might have missed

Right in the middle of her talk Sister Eubank shared some awesome statistics.


  • Over the last 18 months, the Church participated in 1,500 COVID-19 relief projects
  • responded to 933 natural disasters, and
  • helped with refugee crises in 108 countries.
Sister Sharon Eubank shared the Church's disaster relief statistics

3. Something you need to know

Sister Sharon Eubank encouraged service where we are

Sister Eubank emphasized that we are doing amazing good through donations.  But often we can do the most good by serving in our own small circles. 


We don’t have to have a lot of resources or money.  We can do amazing good by offering love and time!

If you want to dive into the talk with quotes, personal application questions, and stories, check out this week’s FHE on-the-Go episode here!  Just press “play” and go!

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