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What is in My Church Bag!

I want to share some of my favorite resources that I always have in my church bag on Sunday!

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David Bowman Books!

These books have been in my church bag for YEARS!  My kids literally never get tired of them.


These books are great for all ages! Toddlers love the pictures, beginning readers will enjoy feeling confident about learning about their scripture heroes and other gospel principles and teens and older will enjoy learning about their scripture heroes and doctrines of the church in an easy way!


You can’t go wrong with any of them! I’ve linked my favorites below!


(As a side note, when my mother-in-law died a few years ago my kids found SO much peace in knowing what is taught in The Great Plan of Happiness book.  I would imagine this would be so helpful for anyone whose children have experienced a recent loss.)


Purchase Who’s Your Hero (Ultimate Collection)

Purchase Who’s Your Hero (For Girls)

Purchase The Great Plan of Happiness

Purchase The Family Proclamation…and YOU


You can find David Bowman on Instagram HERE!


Or on his website HERE!


**Pictures courtesy of davidbowmanart.com

Dear Divine Daughter by Amber Corkin and Aubri Robinson

There is a whole lot to love about Dear Divine Daughter! I love that this book is not only informative but interactive. If you have mutliple children you’re buying this for (or YOU and your kids), I recommend buying each person their own because at the end they will get to write THEIR story! I love that there were so many well known and lesser known women from the bible. The artists chosen to illustrate this book were fantastic and it really makes this book something special!


It’s the perfect baptism gift, going into Young Women’s gift or just because!


Synopsis: This book–created by identical twin sisters each with daughters–celebrates women and highlights the beauty of unique strengths. Your daughter and girls everywhere can study the stories of unique Bible women, work on developing her own divine characteristics, and understand her value as daughters of God.


You can buy it from Amazon HERE


You can find Amber and Aubri on Instagram Here!

Q&A: Common Questions and Powerful Answers for LDS Youth

Fact: most kids stop listening to their parents around age 12.


Fact: this is when they need to learn gospel truths the most. 


Fact: Q&A helps kids learn when they won’t listen to you. 


This book has trustworthy but INTERESTING answers to all the questions your kid might have about the gospel.  It is GOLD!


Available HERE on Amazon Prime.


You can find the awesome authors on Instagram at the links below: 



What's in my Church Bag

The Little Book of Book of Mormon Evidences

Oh, this book you guys!


Having a testimony of the Book of Mormon is IMPORTANT!  And sometimes people will come at you with weird scientific or historical facts to “prove” it wrong. 


I love this book for providing TONS of interesting facts in a SUPER quick read (great for reluctant readers) that support your kid’s growing testimony of the Book of Mormon.  


John does a great job of reminding the reader that this is just the “scaffolding” to help as you build your testimony, but man is it so, so helpful!


You can purchase the book HERE!

You can find John Hilton III on Instagram HERE!

Bedtime Stories for Girls of Destiny by Raeleigh Wilkinson

I am loving the books that show our girls just how powerful they can be! Their potential is limitless and I love these examples shared in this book! I also love the fact that these are not women from “ancient” times. Some of them are still living.


I also REALLY appreciate that the women in this book show that you can be extraordinary in seemingly ordinary ways. 


Not everyone in this book changed the world or is even known outside their own village.  Which is great to teach our girls that they can make a difference RIGHT where they are!


Great for primary age and up! I don’t think you could read this one without being inspired. The artistry in the book is the little extra cherry on top!


You can buy the book HERE!


You can find Raeleigh on Instagram @raeleigh_readsandwrites

What's In My Church Bag

What are your must-have items? Let me know in the comments!